Music Seminar in Kitakaruizawa 2018

Charles Neidich, Music Director; Jul. 30- Aug.10, 2018

Flex Course

Welcome to our Flex Course!

Let's enjoy playing the clarinet with us! 


Our flex course is a three-day, two-night course so that beginners can easily join us.

Please pick-up three days from Jul 30- Aug 10 and inquire for the availability of the schedule. 


Clarinet Class:
Ayako Oshima and/or Andrew Simon, Timothy Carter
Kayoko Ohashi (faculty and interpreter)
Ikuko Suzuki (faculty and interpreter)

Horn Class:
William Purvis

Seminar Contents

  • One-hour lesson x 2 times
  • One-point-advice session by Mr. Neidich
  • Lectures 
  • Open master class : You can also audit the lessons for students in advanced course.

The number to be admitted

About 10 people

Age limitation

12 years old and older

* Those who are 11years old or younger can participate in our with your parent.