Music Seminar in Kitakaruizawa 2019

Charles Neidich, Music Director; Jul. 30- Aug.10, 2019

Flex Course

Welcome to our Flex Course!

The information below are from the last year.
No "Flex Course" will be provided at the Seminar 2019.
Instead, there will be an option of the "Half Course."
Details are to be updated later.


Our flex course is a three-day, two-night course so that beginners can easily join us.

Please pick-up three days from Jul 30- Aug 10 and inquire for the availability of the schedule. 


Clarinet Class:
Ayako Oshima and/or Andrew Simon, Timothy Carter
Kayoko Ohashi (faculty and interpreter)
Ikuko Suzuki (faculty and interpreter)

Horn Class:
William Purvis

Seminar Contents

  • One-hour lesson x 2 times
  • One-point-advice session by Mr. Neidich
  • Lectures 
  • Open master class : You can also audit the lessons for students in advanced course.

The number to be admitted

About 10 people

Age limitation

12 years old and older

* Those who are 11years old or younger can participate in our with your parent.