Kitakaruizawa Music Seminar ,  Aug . 1 - 15 , 2020 

Charles Neidich ,  Ayako Oshima

Note: Information below are from the seminar 2019.
Half Course (Clarinet Class)

The Half Course is for those who can't attend the whole seminar but want to join us, and/or for those who are interested to join us for the first time and want to try a little to see how the seminar goes.
Unlike the 'Flex Course' we used to have, the Half Course include one full lesson by Mr. Charles Neidich.


The Half Course is a 4-nights/5-days-course.
Please pick 5 days from Jul 30- Aug 10 and inquire for the availability of the schedule. 
*We will take 1-2 students per day for the Half Course.

Charles Neidich
Ayako Oshima
Andrew Simon
Kayoko Ohashi (faculty and interpreter)
Ikuko Suzuki (faculty and interpreter)
Seminar Contents
  • One-hour private lessons x 3 times
    1 lesson by Mr. Charles Neidich (with piano)
    2 lessons by other faculty members listed above (without piano)
  • Lectures and Concerts : Students can attend the lectures and listen to the concerts if held during your stay.
    *Lectures will be held on Jul.31, Aug.2,4,6. Concert by faculty members is on Aug.3.
  • Open master class : All lessons including the ones for the Regular Course is open to you. You can audit the ensemble lessons also.
The number to be admitted

1-2 students per day

Age limitation

15 years old and older

* Those who are 14years old or younger can participate if coming with your parent.

Advanced Course

The Regular Course is basically for participants who can attend the whole period.


<Clarinet Class> Jul.30-Aug.10
Charles Neidich

Ayako Oshima
Andrew Simon 
<Horn Class> Jul.30-Aug.3
William Purvis

Seminar Contents

  • Private Lessons (5 times) 
    2 lessons by Mr. Charles Neidich (with piano)
    2 lessons by Ms. Ayako Oshima (with piano)
    1 lesson by Mr.Andrew Simon (without piano)
  • Horn Class: 3 private lessons
    by Mr.William Purvis (without piano)
  • Lectures on clarinet and music 
    You can learn some special techniques such as circular breathing, and important topics such as an interpretation of major repertoire for clarinet players.          
  • Open master class : All lessons are open to other students.
  • Student Concerts : All students of the Regular Course will get opportunities to play at the student concerts during the last 3 days of the seminar.
  • Faculty Concert (Aug 3): Students can attend the concerts by the faculty for free. 
  • Clarinet Ensemble : If you'd like to participate in clarinet ensemble, we will arrange groups.
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Age Limitation

15 Years or Older

The Number to be Admitted