Virtual Kitakaruizawa Music Seminar July 5 to July 19 2022 

Virtual Kitakaruizawa Music Seminar ,  July 5-19, 2022

Charles Neidich ,  Ayako Oshima

DATES: July 5 - 19, 2022



General Information:
~ Private Lessons
~ 4 or 6 Lessons (View Courses and Tuition for more information.)

~ Master Classes and Lectures by each of our faculty

~ Extra Seminar Activities- Example: Optional Mock Audition with comments from our faculty

~ Seminar will culminate with student concerts 


 Our 2022 Seminar takes place online! 

We will be using Play with a Pro, Zoom, and LifeSize to deliver the highest quality instruction.  With these services, our virtual festival will be able to offer group lessons, master classes with live student participation and a community atmosphere. This is the 3rd year we will be launching our seminar virtually.

We have planned the seminar meticulously, noting the time zone differences that will occur between students and faculty coming from all over the world.  Generally, for every participant, your seminar activities will happen between 9am-9/10pm your local time.  We plan each day with each artist faculty very carefully to accommodate this. There may be exceptions, but generally we will make this schedule work so you can have the best experience possible!

For the best experience in your lessons and master classes, although not required, we recommend:

~ Students use a computer/laptop that is able to have a WIRED ETHERNET CONNECTION, not a wireless or wi-fi connection

~ Have an upgraded, USB Computer Microphone and headphones or earphones

~ More detailed suggestions for optimizing online experience will follow after the application deadline




Sponsored by Artena Music LLC. 

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